RAM RAC Board of Directors

Each year, RAMRAC elects officers based on our Bylaws, each with a 2-year term. On years ending with an even number, the positions of Vice President and Treasurer. On years ending with an odd number, President and Treasurer are elected. The Board of Directors for RAMRAC for the 2017 – 2018 school year are:

  • President: Samantha Harris Treston

  • Vice President: Michael Corrigan

  • Treasurer: John Berg

  • Recording Secretary: Laura Ivinski

  • Operations Secretary: Dave Kemp

  • Member-at-Large: Caren Froelich Kratovil


To contact RAMRAC, you can either email us (RandolphAthleticCouncil@gmail.com) or use our Contact form by clicking HERE


Are you interested in attending a RAMRAC meeting to see what we are all about?                         Check out our 2017/18 Meeting schedule by clicking HERE