RAM RAC is in its 7th year as a consolidated voice for all high school sports programs and student-athletes.


RAM RAC was found with the purpose of being a liaison between the BOE, teams, coaches, RHS Administration and the residents of Randolph. Our main objectives are to:

  • Centralize the Randolph High School athletic community in order to promote and represent its interests to the Randolph school administration, athletic department, Board of Education and the community

  • Promote Randolph High School athletic programs and support the student-athletes, coaches, and school district in an atmosphere that is consistent with the educational philosophy of the school

  • Provide supplementary financial support for Randolph High School athletics

  • Aid and support the booster clubs in the areas of promotion, publicity, program development, and the sharing of best practices

  • Organize and promote the athletic community and spirit events to benefit all Randolph High School sports during fall, winter and spring athletic seasons

  • Promote school spirit and sportsmanship among Randolph student-athletes, coaches, parents, and fans; encourage attendance at sporting events; and generate enthusiastic support of Randolph sports

  • Encourage and support the academic endeavors of Randolph student-athletes and be an advocate for all Randolph High School student-athletes

  • Establish common vendors that agrees to do business with RAC and its member Booster organizations to leverage its size and scale

  • Celebrate the history of Randolph High School athletics with the Hall of Fame


Over the past 7 years, RAM RAC has contributed towards the following improvements & events at Randolph High School:

  • Championship Banners in the main High School Gym

  • Expansion of the athletic trainer’s room

  • Funded the new flooring in the weight room

  • Initiated and funded the initial Randolph flags around the campus

  • Upgraded speaker system in the main High School Gym

  • Established the Randolph High School Athletic Hall of Fame

We always welcome input and feedback about what projects we can help establish, fund or help organize. If you have a suggestion or question, please email us RandolphAthleticCouncil@gmail.com or use our CONTACT FORM 


To meet RAMRAC’s Board of Directors for 2017-2018, please click HERE